18/26 New Things Challenge: Go to a Rave in the Morning!

I’m not much of a morning person! In fact I rather if people didn’t talk to me in the mornings until I’ve had a coffee or a tea. But the idea of raving at 7:00am, on a weekday before starting work sounded oddly appealing and a good one for my 26 things to do before I turn 26 list!

The rave put on by Morning Gloryville, saw 1000 Pound Bend in Melbourne’s cbd, transformed into a psychedelic fairyland of coloured lights and disco balls at 6:30am – 9:30am. People were going all out for this rave, many in lycra and fluorescent leg warmers. There was glitter. Glitter everywhere!


morning gloryville rave

Despite the extravagant dance moves there was not a drop of alcohol on site. The only thing fuelling us was coffee, super smoothies and being able to appreciate being up and alive at some ridiculous time in the morning!
Founded in London, in 2013 Morning Gloryville describes itself as ‘an immersive morning dance experience for those who dare to start their day in style!’. Being up so early meant I had a nap at 5pm but I really enjoyed it and made a nice change from pressing the ‘snooze’ button about 20 times.
What a way to start a Wednesday.

Published by emmytravels

Writer, journalist and digital marketer. I said 'So Long!' to London this year, went travelling to S.E Asia, New Zealand and ended up staying in Melbourne, Australia.

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