Working Holiday Visa: 10 Things A Brit Living In Melbourne Can Relate To

Melbourne, Australia, was voted the world’s most liveable city in 2015 for the fifth time! Making it a great place to spend your time on your Australia Working Holiday Visa.

But as a Brit living in Melbourne there’s certain things we can’t quite get our heads around! With the help of some British Characters and actors, here are 10 Things A Brit Living in Melbourne can relate to

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1. You find it odd that supermarkets aren’t allowed to sell alcohol, yet there are Drive Thru ‘Bottle Shops’

British Expat

Alcohol and driving, wha the?! Oh, ok then…

2. When the Fish and Chippery doesn’t have malt vinegar and instead offers you white vinegar and ‘Chicken Salt’

chicken salt and no vinegar

3. The weather isn’t always Sunny and Hot as you were led to believe…

Sherlock Watson rain

The locals are right about Four Seasons occurring in one day.

4. Your Melbourne friends just don’t GET why you are so excited about the start of a new season of The Great British Bake Off!

black adder

It’s so much more than just baking in a tent!

5. When December comes and everyone’s all about getting a ‘beach body’ in time for the Christmas summer

miranda food

6. You’ll find drinking in bars expensive, but the majority of restaurants allow you to BYOB. Great – pre drinks and dinner it is…

Patsy ab fab travel

The more I drink now, the less I will spend later.

7. You pay less rent and work less hours and you still have more money than you did when living in the UK

picard Melbourne Travel

So this is what a disposable income feels like. I like it.

8. You’re the only one watching (AFL) Aussie Rules Footy who is shocked by how violent it is

Nevile Melbourne AFL

But, how is this a sport?!

9. You no longer spend half your time waiting in a queue (Yay!). Instead you’ll be waiting at traffic lights, lots of traffic lights.

gratham downton abbey

Honestly what’s wrong with a good old roundabout?

10. You realise how important Brunch is, how good Brunch is and how it’s perfectly acceptable to go out for Brunch every, single day

orlando bloom

Melbourne I think I love you.

Understanding the Melbourne way isn’t always easy as a Brit, but living in Melbourne sure is fun! No wonder it was voted the world’s most livable city!

hermione travel melbourne

Thanks for adopting us, Melbourne!

After writing this post on buzzfeed I had the following response from my ex- australian housemate:

“Nice work Emmy! Two things though – I still don’t get the appeal of Great British Bake Off and chicken salt slays!”

– Sigh, just no teaching some people!

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Writer, journalist and digital marketer. I said 'So Long!' to London this year, went travelling to S.E Asia, New Zealand and ended up staying in Melbourne, Australia.

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