Bite of the Month: The Grand Howl – Homerton, London

vegan full english London

This month’s ‘Bite of the Month’ is The Grand Howl cafe in Homerton. It is my local cafe which I am so pleased about, due to their extremely good life elixir (aka coffee) and their super tasty vegan and veggie brunches.

Firstly, let me start of by saying I don’t think Homerton gets the appreciation or footfall it deserves. Yes, there are many things I don’t enjoy about living in Homerton; the loud, crazy man who shouts and plays music outside his flat all day and night – I don’t enjoy that, the birds that are living in the GOD DAMN WALL of my bedroom and squeak in the morning – I don’t enjoy that, the amount of rubbish laying around and the fact that the overground is ALWAYS down at the weekend – I don’t enjoy that either.

However, there are some real gems in Homerton, and the longer I live here the more gems I uncover. One of my first discoveries was The Grand Howl cafe on Well Street. Now, even if you don’t live in Homerton it is worth travelling here (by bus, the overground will probably be down), just to taste some of their delicious coffee and tuck into their tasty vegan and vegetarian brunches.

The Grand Howl, Homerton
The Grand Howl, Homerton

I cannot recommend their coffee highly enough, it is just so good!  They roast their own beans on site and have the machine in the coffee shop and that must be a good sign, surely?

vegan full english London
Vegan Full English

Next is the food. After living in Melbourne, brunch has become my favourite meal of the day (thanks ‘Straya). The Grand Howl rustles up some excellent brunches, sure to satisfy any and all poached egg, smashed avocado or wilted spinach cravings.

The vegan brunch burrito with tofu, salsa, avo, beans and jalapeños comes out on top in my books.

Grand Howl Vegan Homerton
Vegan Brunch Burrito

Space is somewhat limited at peak times, but I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes to nab a table.

You won’t be overwhelmed with food choices, but everything they cook is done with consideration and done well. Somehow they manage to cook it all in a tiny slice of a kitchen next to the coffee machine. It’s very impressive to watch actually.


Cuisine: Vegetarian and Vegan

Price: Reasonable.

Try: Vegan Burrito and grab a slice of the toasted banana bread with cinnamon butter.

Atmosphere: Relaxed

Food: Delish.

Where to find them: 214 Well St, London E9 6QT

Other places to check out whilst you’re in Homerton are – The Kenton arms (pub), Mother Kellys bottle shop (complete with private, board game basement), The Castle Cinema and Well Street Market (on the first weekend of the month).

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