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In 2014, during ‘quarter life crises’ time,  I said “So long” to my  London life in order to see some of the world.

I made my way around South East Asia with the best travel partner anyone could ever wish for! That adventure took me to Thailand, Loas, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

For a whole year in Australia I got to live on the Earth upside down in the world’s most liveable city – Melbourne! I bloody loved it. And then the visa ran out.

I came back to the Mother Land (England) and I am now currently residing in East London. I like to spend my time exploring and eating my way around this great city.

I think about the places I visited often and blog about my adventures to help other travellers and encourage more people to see more of the world.  Also it’s nice to have a record, isn’t it?

You can follow my blog and my other social media accounts here (please do):

Twitter: @emmystock

Instagram: @emmy_travels

contact me: stock.emmy@gmail.com

Online Portfolio Clippings: https://emmastock.journoportfolio.com/ 

emmysaidthat travel


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