Tracking down cheap and delicious food in Venice – Where I ate…

The charming city of Venice is a popular tourist destination, and rightly so, but with so many tourists it can be a struggle to find some authentic cuisine that is budget friendly! This being my first trip to Italy, let alone Venice, I wanted to try some proper Italian food. I asked around, did some research and here is where I recommend you visit.

 Exploring London’s lost Mail Rail – A secret beneath our feet

Think you know all of London’s underground lines? Well, think again. You may be surprised to hear that from 1923 to as recently as 2003, London had its very own ‘Mail Rail’ an underground line designed for carrying post. Today, on September 4th, 2017, The Postal museum re-opened up that old, abandoned railway. Not forContinue reading ” Exploring London’s lost Mail Rail – A secret beneath our feet”

Bite of the Month: The Grand Howl – Homerton, London

This month’s ‘Bite of the Month’ is The Grand Howl cafe in Homerton. It is my local cafe which I am so pleased about, due to their extremely good life elixir (aka coffee) and their super tasty vegan and veggie brunches. Firstly, let me start of by saying I don’t think Homerton gets the appreciation orContinue reading “Bite of the Month: The Grand Howl – Homerton, London”

Bite of The Month: Bodean’s BBQ, London Soho

Bodean’s BBQ in London, go here to satisfy your American BBQ cravings or directly after watching an episode of Man Vs Food. The first great thing about this place was that we didn’t have to queue to get in! There’s ample space up stairs for the snacking of brisket sandwiches or hamburgers, and downstairs isContinue reading “Bite of The Month: Bodean’s BBQ, London Soho”

Finish it Feb – Reading Challenge #finishitfeb

Whilst browsing the Twitter airwaves last week I discovered ‘Finish it Feb’ – a month long event where you aim to read as many unfinished books and series that you can. Perfect – I have a whole heap of those books! Also I approve of the alliteration. Thinking about it, more months should really have alliteratedContinue reading “Finish it Feb – Reading Challenge #finishitfeb”

Bite Of The Month – Roti King, Euston, London

I was recommended the Roti King, near Euston station in London, by a friend who sent me off with this warning: “The food is great, but it looks like it could be a bit nasty from the outside.” Outside the Roti King hangs an old, disused yellow sign for a Chinese takeaway and by its entranceContinue reading “Bite Of The Month – Roti King, Euston, London”

Living in Melbourne Guide: What I love to do in Northcote

A friend of mine and her partner recently moved to my old patch Northcote, Melbourne on their Australian work/holiday Visa and asked me for some tips of things to do in Northcote. As soon as I started thinking I realised I had a lot of great memories in Northcote and had quite the list! For meContinue reading “Living in Melbourne Guide: What I love to do in Northcote”

Australian Christmas VS British Christmas

My 2015 Christmas was much, much different to the Christmas I had the year previous in super sunny Australia! For that Christmas I traded in my cosy Christmas jumper for a Christmas Tee. So after experiencing both, how does an Australian Christmas compare to a traditional cold Christmas here in Britain? Here’s how:

My Top Food Experiences in Vietnam – Travel Blog

A fellow traveller once told me “I’ve had better Vietnamese food in Shoreditch than I have Vietnam.” Whereas other travellers when I was backpacking South East Asia  said to me “You’re in for a real treat when you get to Vietnam, the food is great!”. For me, both these statements appeared to be true. Unlike ThailandContinue reading “My Top Food Experiences in Vietnam – Travel Blog”