19/26 New Things Challenge: Go dance in complete darkness with strangers!

Another dance challenge for my for my 26 things to do before I turn 26 list! This time I attended No Lights No Lycra – an evening where you dance in complete darkness and really let loose! It’s a great chance to live out a cliche and ‘dance like no one’s watching,’ because no one canContinue reading “19/26 New Things Challenge: Go dance in complete darkness with strangers!”

8/26: See the World’s Smallest Penguins – Fairy Penguins!

Earlier this month I left Melbourne for the first time since arriving here to go on an awesome road trip to Phillip Island to see the smallest (and probably most cutest) penguins in the world – Fairy Penguins! Or the ‘Little Penguin’ as it is now called,  is the smallest of the world’s 17 penguinContinue reading “8/26: See the World’s Smallest Penguins – Fairy Penguins!”

7/26 New Things Challenge: Drink a Pickleback

The other day I had my first Pickleback at swanky cocktail bar Lily Black’s , in Melbourne’s CBD, 12 Meyers Pl. Now you may be wondering what a Pickleback actually is. For an accurate description I copied down two definitions which I sourced on the very reputable and accurate website urbandictionary.com. Now guess which one isContinue reading “7/26 New Things Challenge: Drink a Pickleback”