Living in Melbourne Guide: What I love to do in Northcote

A friend of mine and her partner recently moved to my old patch Northcote, Melbourne on their Australian work/holiday Visa and asked me for some tips of things to do in Northcote. As soon as I started thinking I realised I had a lot of great memories in Northcote and had quite the list! For meContinue reading “Living in Melbourne Guide: What I love to do in Northcote”

Australian Christmas VS British Christmas

My 2015 Christmas was much, much different to the Christmas I had the year previous in super sunny Australia! For that Christmas I traded in my cosy Christmas jumper for a Christmas Tee. So after experiencing both, how does an Australian Christmas compare to a traditional cold Christmas here in Britain? Here’s how:

Working Holiday Visa: 10 Things A Brit Living In Melbourne Can Relate To

Melbourne, Australia, was voted the world’s most liveable city in 2015 for the fifth time! But as a Brit living in Melbourne there’s certain things we can’t quite get our heads around! With the help of some British Characters and actors, here are 10 Things A Brit Living in Melbourne can relate to

18/26 New Things Challenge: Go to a Rave in the Morning!

I’m not much of a morning person! In fact I rather if people didn’t talk to me in the mornings until I’ve had a coffee or a tea. But the idea of raving at 7:00am, on a weekday before starting work sounded oddly appealing and a good one for my 26 things to do before IContinue reading “18/26 New Things Challenge: Go to a Rave in the Morning!”