Living in Melbourne Guide: What I love to do in Northcote

A friend of mine and her partner recently moved to my old patch Northcote, Melbourne on their Australian work/holiday Visa and asked me for some tips of things to do in Northcote. As soon as I started thinking I realised I had a lot of great memories in Northcote and had quite the list! For meContinue reading “Living in Melbourne Guide: What I love to do in Northcote”

Working Holiday Visa: 10 Things A Brit Living In Melbourne Can Relate To

Melbourne, Australia, was voted the world’s most liveable city in 2015 for the fifth time! But as a Brit living in Melbourne there’s certain things we can’t quite get our heads around! With the help of some British Characters and actors, here are 10 Things A Brit Living in Melbourne can relate to

Favourite, Easy, Nature Walks in New Zealand’s South Island

Is there anywhere more beautiful than New Zealand?!  Even the least experienced walkers can enjoy a good ramble in this stunning country. All you need is a plan, water and some decent walking boot or trainers. What I love most about New Zealand is how diverse its two little Islands are. You can be on oneContinue reading “Favourite, Easy, Nature Walks in New Zealand’s South Island”

8 Cheap, Alternative Things to do in Bangkok

A starting point for a lot of South East Asian travellers is Bangkok, a city like no other! It can be easy to get stuck in the tourist trap of hitting the big sights like the Grand Palace or Khao San Road. But what else is there to do? And more importantly what is thereContinue reading “8 Cheap, Alternative Things to do in Bangkok”

Exploring NZ’s Rotorua on the Cheap!

Wandering through sulphuric pools, feeling like I’m in Jurassic Park (minus the dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum), seeing cool Maori stuff… Rotten egg smelling Rotorua is all about the geothermal activity and there’s a lot of it in this city. You can literally see sulphuric gas rise out of cracks in the pavement as you’re walking around! AndContinue reading “Exploring NZ’s Rotorua on the Cheap!”

19/26 New Things Challenge: Go dance in complete darkness with strangers!

Another dance challenge for my for my 26 things to do before I turn 26 list! This time I attended No Lights No Lycra – an evening where you dance in complete darkness and really let loose! It’s a great chance to live out a cliche and ‘dance like no one’s watching,’ because no one canContinue reading “19/26 New Things Challenge: Go dance in complete darkness with strangers!”