Tracking down cheap and delicious food in Venice – Where I ate…

The charming city of Venice is a popular tourist destination, and rightly so, but with so many tourists it can be a struggle to find some authentic cuisine that is budget friendly! This being my first trip to Italy, let alone Venice, I wanted to try some proper Italian food. I asked around, did some research and here is where I recommend you visit.

Exploring NZ’s Rotorua on the Cheap!

Wandering through sulphuric pools, feeling like I’m in Jurassic Park (minus the dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum), seeing cool Maori stuff… Rotten egg smelling Rotorua is all about the geothermal activity and there’s a lot of it in this city. You can literally see sulphuric gas rise out of cracks in the pavement as you’re walking around! AndContinue reading “Exploring NZ’s Rotorua on the Cheap!”